Racism, Apple, The Familiy Guy, Oh My!

Best news of this new young year? Family Guy is being released on DVD.

— — —

Though unrelated (I hope) it would seem that both Apple and racism are making a comeback. Recently I have seen many of my very tech-savvy friends switch from PC’s to Macs. Yes the computer for everyone (even your mom) seems to have finally done something right with its operating system. OS X and its underlying Unix are making believers out of many computer-literate people, threatening to make Apple computers the favorites of each extreme of the computer buying world. Is there an Apple computer in my future then? Well no. They still cannot compete as a game platform.

With the fall of political correctness sometime in the late 90’s and subsequent “frankness” that is left in its wake, it seems that veiled and not so veiled racist sentiments can be found just about everywhere these days. It seems you don’t have to be sensitive to people’s feelings anymore – instead people should “get a thicker skin” and stop whining. Close-circuit to anyone speaking around me: I will call you on your thoughtless and cruel remarks – you have been warned.

— — —

Could it be that there are things that are much worse than having a stupid president? This simply disturbs me.

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Here is a link my homebuilding photo gallery – there may not be any new photos posted today, but who are we kidding, you haven’t seen them all.

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