I do feel bad but

I do feel bad but not as bad as I should most likely, I haven’t been ignoring the web entirely but it has seemed, at times, to me that Alt Text is so far away from me.

I have been taking a ton of photos of my house. It is now on track (in fact it must) to be done by Feb 11th.

I also just finished up a class last night that I have been taking at the Carlson School of Management. I am pretty sure I got an A as I got an A on everything up until the final presentation and thought we did well for ourselves on that and the final paper. One note, college students are not what I remembered them being. It seems like high school – no effort, no intelligent discussion, rarely any questions. Though I do feel a bit like I miss school. I have been thinking about getting a Masters degree in something. Not an MBA though – I couldn’t stand the thought of 2 more years of talking about how to manage a sales force.

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Here are some collected links over the past couple weeks since my last post:

Build your own Bag End, from the Lord of the Rings. Damn I already started building an above ground home!

Slightly related: a petition to George Lucas to let Peter Jackson direct the 3rd Star Wars movie.

Did anyone catch the CBS nightly news show a couple weeks ago about doctors who do not take insurance and were able to cut costs and better serve their patients by doing so? There was one group who didn’t have offices and for a $1300 annual fee would visit you in your home all year. Others were able to cut their fixed costs by 2/3’s in some cases because they did not need the extra office space and staff required to satisfy the insurance companies requirements. it was very interesting. My only concern about not having insurance would be for big things that would occur – car crashes, major illness, etc. I wonder if I can change insurance premiums to have a higher deductible or something and make anything like this worth while.

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