Just like two modern-day jackasses

I guarantee that kids recreating things they see in the movies and on TV is not a new phenomenon. I am sure plenty of kids tried to emulate the cowboys in the old westerns and ended up getting hurt, or others mimicked the stunts on the Dukes of Hazzard, jumping cars, and sending homemade explosive arrows into sheds and whatnot. The difference? Media coverage today makes everything seem like and epidemic. Scare tactics and sensationalism are supposed to get you to tune in to channel X over channel Z. I don’t really have a point – just an observation.

— — —

I am just now starting to recover from a cold I got this weekend due, in large part, to the fact that our furnace went out. At times it got to be 52-54 degrees in our house and both me and my dog got our first colds of the season.

— — —

If you can get past the horror of these photos you can actually feel sorry for the man behind the mask.

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