Pleased to Meet You, Won’t You Gues My Domain?

One of the first things I ask someone in my industry (web) when I meet them, is whether or not they have a personal site. I am usually very disappointed when people do not. Most of the time I mentally “mark them down” as someone who isn’t very serious about what they do? I mean why wouldn’t you have your own site to experiment with and express yourself on, if you were *into* what you were doing. I can see not keeping it up when you get busy, but to not even have a domain or a place you can point me to see some of your work or thoughts? – It’s just disheartening.

— — —

I have posted some new photos of the house building experiment I am a part of. The photos are of days 10-16 (I only count business days) and show the progress (or lack thereof) of completing the foundation, weatherproofing it, and backfilling against the outside walls of it. It is all very exciting stuff. They tell me the framing is supposed to start this week. I guess sub-contractors are like mogwai and can’t get rained on lest they turn into gremlins. Framing could be completed next week. Wow.

I can already say that I am not entirely pleased with the house we are building. It is kinda crazy, but we are too far into it to change much and I don’t think I will *love* the way the house looks once it is completed (the first phase anyway). This statement is very unfortunate seeing as I am likely going to live in this house for the next decade or more of my life. I am not really sure how it happened – I guess I fell in love with the inside features of the house, then had to scale back on what we could do right away (due in part because of the expense of the lot and in part due to the extreme costs of building a nice* home these days. We just weren’t expecting our small little custom home to cost so much to build. Anyway, I am still very excited about the house and all the features we are building into it. If it’s ugly for the first half-dozen years of its life then so be it. We are planning an addition at some point in the next 5 years. This may sound ludicrous but we just can’t afford to do it all right now and it happened that our house plans could be phased relatively easily and without much waste in the future.

* For my purposes a nice home is defined as a home that is built with care out of high quality materials and does not fall into the category of home where the builder says “here, pick between these 4 layouts”.

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