Pleased to meet you.

Jason expands on an idea that was brought up recently by Justin Hall, and countless others, that personal websites like Alt Text,, and can serve as efficient vehicles for getting to know its owner/operator post haste. This idea is on track and has both positive and negative aspects to it. From reading Justin’s site I (and many other people) may feel a little *too knowledgeable* on some aspects of his life. But that is the nature of the web today and always and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is for this reason that I have been pushing a couple of people I work with to start sites. I enjoy talking to them sure, but I find reading what someone actually “deems worthy” for post on their site very interesting. I can’t do much more than buy people their own domain (which I have done) in order to persuade them. At some point the desire to express oneself has to come from within.

On tap for tomorrow: more thoughts on these ideas.

— — —

It has been slow-going on the house building front. They have been waiting to start framing and backfilling against the foundation. We have to decide what general color scheme to use for the house and I really don’t know how to decide.

Need to get caught up on the house-building process? Here are some links:

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