I carry my mobile phone in my front pants pocket, but considering that I do not want children, I always considered the radiation a bonus. Now Levi’s is trying to foil my plan with their new anti radiation Dockers. Sure I bet if they had their way my antiperspirant wouldn’t lead to Alzheimer’s either!

— — —

If you don’t like Bush’s policies on the environment, tell him.

— — —

Why is it, in most cases, when aliens are depicted in movies and TV they are very thin. I see nothing in the advancement of our species to indicate that in a thousand years we won’t all be 800-1000 lbs. I have to get to the gym. Let’s hear it for the fat aliens!

— — —

I have determined that this is the year I am finally going to get “in the best shape of my life”. That means I will have to eclipse my former “best shape” of being 5’9″ 130 lbs when I was 15.

If I don’t do it now I will never get in shape – I am approaching 30! I figure walk my dog every day for an hour and then throw in a real cardio workout 2-3 times per week with a weight training session once or twice each week.

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