Good Ol’ Days

It used to be that working in the web industry was fun and exciting. People didn’t know what it was when I told them what I did, and the folks that did had the same energy for what they were doing as I did. Those days are long gone and now there are “mainstream”, non-snow boarding types doing web design. These days there are courses at community colleges teaching “web mastering.” These days money must be had, and people don’t care, and project budgets get smaller, while expectations grow. These days it just isn’t as much fun. These days I don’t have people I can count on, people who are dedicated as I am. As I am? I am…

— — —

Is the love gone away then? Mostly, yes. For the first time ever I considered shutting down Alt Text – well maybe just an extended hiatus – what, it already isn’t on hiatus you say? No, but I am cheating each and every visitor of my site by not being in love with what I do – not being in love with sharing with everyone.

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