As a friend, as a friend, as a known enemy

As a Big Brother I am… frustrated, out of my league, looking for ways to connect, needing a break.

As a “blogger” I… am looking for my groove, trying to give Alt Text a voice, unsure about what type of information to present, perhaps preoccupied with my “audience”, perhaps not as conscious of my “audience” as I should be, frustrated, lazy, in need of a mission-like statement, planning, optimistic.

As a home builder I am… seeing a ray of hope, settling disputes, breaking ground, relieved, impatient, excited, not accepting it all as real yet.

As a friend I… am not as good as I should be, demanding, am “high maintenance”, need to reach out more, should require more of myself, will let my friends know they are important to me, cognizant that I need to be a better friend.

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