The good ol’ days of the Web

The good ol’ days of the web? You can have them again at At Deja Vu you can surf today’s sites with yesterdays browsers without all the hassle of installing them on your computer. Through the magic of “emulation” you can surf Yahoo the way… well the way it is still designed to be surfed.. with an old browser. Choose from NCSA Mosaic, Mosaic Netscape, Netscape Navigator (1.0), Lynx, Internet Explorer (2.0), HotJava, and something called a line-mode browser that was even before my time. Pretty cool.

— — —

I am starting a fund for new computers for the FBI. Yes the largest U.S. investigative bureau in the U.S. is currently using “50’s and 70’s vintage computers”, use no mouses (or is that mice?), and do not have email or internet connectivity, in large part.

I heard about this on NPR [Direct link to Real Media file] and was shocked at what I heard. I have computers collecting dust in in my garage that look like supercomputers (are those still fast?) next to the average FBI agent’s computer.

So in the interest of national security, please, donate those old 486’s and Pentiums now, those poor agents cannot stare at those green monochrome screens much longer. Drop them off at a field office near you.

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