The dead zone

The period of time between the NBA and NFL seasons is always the hardest for me. I must admit this and I feel a bit guilty doing so, but I really enjoy watching pro football and basketball – particularly the Vikings and Timberwolves. In fact, I can’t, even now in the off-season, get enough news about my two favorite teams. Some look at this as a sign of weakness in my character…those people are probably right, but here are a few sites that I have found helpful in feeding my addiction, maybe they will help those of you with like maladies:

Real GM – Some great tools like the Trade Checker that validates trade ideas you may have against current salary caps and rules.

NBA Google Group – Lots of speculation and noise by fans, for fans. [Wolves specific]

Inside Hoops – Great place for all the latest NBA (and other – including street) basketball rumors and news.

TWolves Central – Great site for news about my ever-teasing Wolves.

Google Group for the NFL [Vikings specific]

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