Bush doesn’t stop with drilling

Bush doesn’t stop with drilling for oil in national forests and loosening restrictions on air polluters, now he’s after those damn whales and dolphins.

Although Navy officials claim no harm will come to marine life “environmentalists argue that with the convergence of sound waves from each of the speakers, the intense effects of the system would reach farther, as if the signals were 235 decibels.

Environmentalists fear the sonar will cause whales to beach themselves
Some biologists believe whales are irritated by sounds louder than 110 decibels and that a whale’s eardrums could explode at 180 decibels.”

There are some “protective measures that the Navy is supposed to take like “visually scan for marine mammals and sea turtles and to shut down the sonar whenever they are detected”.

But this is just another case of those crazy tree-huggers trying to stop progress right? Well, no… when the Navy tested this new sonar system in March 2000 “at least 16 whales and two dolphins beached themselves on the islands of Abaco, Grand Bahama and North Eleuthera within hours. Eight whales died. Scientists found hemorrhaging around the brain and ear bones, injuries consistent with exposure to loud sounds.”

In another incident involving low-frequency sonar in 1996, 12 whales beached themselves and died.

Oh well, at least those damn Russian subs won’t be able to hide from us…oh wait Russia can’t afford to make subs anymore, hell they can’t even afford a sandwich at Subway.

What’s next W. clubbing baby seals?

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