Observations from the Hood

So its not really the real hood, it is still St. Paul’s East side and there are still little naked kids runnin’ around with (what I am hoping are pellet) guns. Having spent a month here in the “new” house I have come up with a list of differences between living in the city and living in the suburbs.

When comparing the suburbs and the city you will often find…

  • …alleys.
  • …people working on their cars in those alleys.
  • …more small businesses and family run restaurants as opposed to chains owned by McDonalds.
  • …more loose dogs running around.
  • …those loose dogs tend to be much larger in size and also of breeds more prone to rip your face off.
  • …”stoop-sitting” is much more prevalent.
  • …a wider variety of grocery choices. (within 5 block of my house I can get Mexican, Asian, and Indian groceries.)
  • …more crack houses or houses condemned for other reasons – you really don’t see much of that in the ‘burbs.
  • …far more naked children running around in the streets.

I am sure I will be back with more. I like being able to walk to places, I just hope I get where I am going before one of those dogs gets to me.

— — —

I have something else to say here. Senility. I hope I remember before I go to bed. Its always tough for me to fall asleep if I can’t remember something.

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