Jason is nothing …

… if not dedicated. I really admire his dedication. He is always looking at ways to improve his site and the sites of other around him. Sure I look for these improvement opportunities too, but when he finds them he actually acts and changes things. Me I just make lists of things I should do.

On my list for the past 3 months has been many of the changes he has made to Kottke.org in the last 3 weeks. I am very impressed and hope to make some changes and additions soon. Plus there will be more posts. I am turning off the TV for the summer and so I hope to have a lot more time with which to get back to 2 things I love but don’t get time to do much of lately, surf/write/create on the web and camp with my wife.

— — —

On a side note – I don’t have phone service or an internet connection at home for the first time in, well since the internet started pretty much. I miss the internet much more than I miss TV. Now if I could just get that central air thing I would be set.

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