Vanilla Coke

I think I will like Vanilla Coke and somehow living in Minneapolis I get to try it a full day before the rest of the world.

Too bad living here doesn’t afford me the opportunity to see Episode II “the way it was meant to be seen” – projected digitally. There isn’t a theater equipped with a digital projector for hundreds and hundreds of miles. They have them in Budapest, Hungary and Bratislava, Slovakia for pete’s sake!

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Updated house plans are now posted to the server. The plans listed below are of a much smaller file size but will more clearly show the plans:

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I have taken some photos of my blueprints (per request). They are large file sizes and taken with this camera if you would like to buy it.

There are some modifications to the plans being made. They are pretty subtle however. I will post a list of them along with some cleaned up plans that show details later today.

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