Minnesota is set to be

Minnesota is set to be the battleground for one of the biggest election fights in state history. Senator Paul Wellstone is the primary target [Source: Cursor.org] for republican money and power. Oh yeah and there is a person (albeit a slimy one) running against him too: Norm Coleman. There are only a few politicians I despise more than Coleman. This man will do and say anything to get elected and he is just so damn fake.

Conversely there are few politicians I admire more than Paul Wellstone. Being a target isn’t new to him. Many have sought to take his seat and all the republicans on the hill hate him, not only for his stances on the issues (usually very far to the left) but for the fact that he knows how to win on those issues. He has held up and successfully blocked very conservative legislation and through it all he does what he knows is right rather than what polls or big business money says he should do.

If you live in Minnesota, I encourage you to make sure your voter’s registration is current and that you get out and vote for Paul this fall. Even if you think he is too far to the left on many issues (as I do) it doesn’t matter because there are plenty of other politicians that have migrated towards the middle – too many if you ask me. I think our leaders should be strong and have ideas, rather than always cow tailing to the special interest groups with the loudest voices/deepest pockets.

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Ads.com is a poor man’s Ad Critic but, if Ad Critic comes back and isn’t free it may be the common man’s only place to check out the latest commercials out there.

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I don’t know why but it bothers me when friends of mine and/or people whom I work making websites with, do not have sites of their own or do not maintain them anymore (you know who you are). I am not sure why this bothers me – or at least I cannot pinpoint it. Maybe it’s that they should be more excited about the medium they are helping to build or maybe it is that I think they are interesting and want to know more about them, or that I think others should be able to experience their humor and wit, or maybe I just need someone to link to when they send me something to post on Alt Text. Maybe it is a combination of all of these or something else entirely.

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