You may someday find yourself

You may someday find yourself in much the same position I am in now… that’s right, I have been bumped down to’s 2nd tier of links. I know what you’re thinking and I have thought about locking myself in a bathroom with a 2-week supply of Haagen-Dazs, but I just don’t know if that will make Jason love me again. Was it something I said? More likely something I didn’t say… That’s a bitter pill to swallow.

— — —

If you commute in the Mpls-St. Paul area you may find this link useful. It is an interactive map of the major roadways with traffic cams.

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No matter where you are from, you are likely to find this cool. They are able to restore sight in many cases by implanting a solar-powered microchip into the eye as a silicon retina. The study shows good results, so good in fact that I do not doubt we will someday have technology that makes the VISOR worn by Gordi LaForge look primitive.

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