How to Piss Me Off – 101

Lesson One.

If you are an “older person” – defined here as one who was old enough to see the Beatles perform live and remember it – then you should definitely come up to me as I am looking at a Sgt. Pepper’s album cover hanging on the wall and ask me if I “know who those guys are.” Variations on this theme could include describing the Beatles to me as if you are describing some ancient herbal remedy that has been passed down for generations in your family or suggesting that the Beatles were their best in the early years. I may not have been born before the Beatles broke up but I can hold my own in Beatles knowledge (primarily as it relates to their works) with anyone.

Ben’s Top 6 Beatles Albums:

  1. Magical Mystery Tour
  2. Let It Be
  3. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
  4. The Beatles (White Album)
  5. Revolver
  6. Abbey Road
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