How did that happen

How did that happen that we’re into May already! Wow I had planned so many posts. Here are some:

The new Sony Vaio Handheld is very cool. I go back and forth on the idea of electronics convergence, but mostly end up on its side. I would like my organizer/contacts list/pda-type thing to have an MP3 player built in I really would.

— — —

“Extreme Programming” is an interesting idea but can it really make for better more efficient coding?

— — —

Old News about kicking granny to the curb.

— — —

On Monday we officially closed on the land on which we plan to build a house. They are surveying it and “staking” it next week. We hope to break ground the week of the 20th. I hope that isn’t optimistic.

Have you ever tried to pick out a gas fireplace? They have many configurations! Luckily most look like ass and there are only a few that look nice and fire-like. Photos coming soon.

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