I meant to post some thoughts about the environment and the presidency of George W. Bush on Earth Day, but I was too angry to formulate coherent thought. Luckily Al Gore can restrain himself a bit more in this NY Time letter he wrote on the 21st: The Selling of an Energy Policy.

My anger began to rise when, in his first weeks in Washington, Bush rescinded many of the Environmental Protection Pact laws to help his buddies (and family members) in the Oil, Energy, [insert big business sector here] industries.

On Earth Day 2002 “Bush mentioned various environmental policies his administration has pursued, emphasizing the “Clear Skies” legislation to set air pollution limits from power plants. ‘With Clear Skies legislation, America will do more to reduce power plant emissions than ever before in our nation’s history,’ he vowed.”

At which point “Gore scoffed at that remark. “The Bush administration’s so-called ‘Clean Skies’ initiative actually allows more toxic mercury, nitrogen oxide and sulfur pollution than if we enforced the laws on the books today,’ he said. ‘It ought to be called the ‘dirty skies’ initiative.'”

“Bush favors mandatory limits on nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides and mercury, but soon after taking office backed away from a pledge to put limits on carbon dioxide as well. Yesterday Gore criticized the president for that reversal. ‘The day after he took his oath of ‘honor and integrity’ he made that his very first broken promise,’ Gore said.” [Excerpt from The Washington Post]

I have some more thoughts on the environment and specifically Bush’s lack of foresight on this issue but I will reserve them for another day.

[Additional Commentary on the NY Times Article]

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On a related note, I think that the All Species Project is cool but I question the importance of such an undertaking when there are so many more impending causes. I would prefer an organization that vows to maintain our global ecological diversity to what that simply catalogs it.

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Last night was a big night for our dog Sadie as well as us, as pet owners. She actually slept the whole night outside of her kennel in our bedroom on the floor. Our lil’ girl is growing up.

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