I vacillate when it

I vacillate when it comes to loving and loathing cars. In many respects I ridicule our system of transit and find little point in owning expensive automobiles that perform like racecars, however there is still something about certain cars that stir something in me. It happened the first time I saw the new VW Passat (which they have since “updated” to be less cool looking), the Audi TT and now has been repeated with this car, the Bugatti EB 16-4 Veyron [source: VW Vortex].

At 16 cylinders and over 1000 horsepower, I don’t expect this car to ever be available in the U.S. but man is it gorgeous. Those German’s sure know their cars (and beer and sausage, don’t forget the sausage).

— — —

The sun even shines on a dog’s ass some of the time.

I happened upon a show a couple months ago called Trading Spaces on TLC and have been watching it with TiVO’s help, in part because I am building a home (a much slower process than I would like) and so, am interested in interior decoration currently.

Little did I know that I was riding the crest of popularity for this obscure little show, where neighbors switch houses for 2 days and makeover one room of their friends’ homes. So far most people are very happy (mostly due to hideous rooms to begin with) and I have only seen two people cry (out of anguish) at the results. I am not sure what makes for better TV, between the two outcomes.

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