Thinking of bettering myself.

I wonder if my current employer would pay my tuition to the Adult Webmaster School. Yes this is a real thing. You can learn from the best because this guy has “sat down with the best webmasters in the world”. Who are they? But the AWS seems very trustworthy. After all, “AWS is a legitimate learning institution with textbooks, other students, and a faculty consisting of highly-skilled Adult Webmasters”. Look ma textbooks!

From the site:

“Becoming an Adult Webmaster is a great career, especially once you realize you’re literally getting paid to look at porn! Plus, no bosses breathing down your neck, no commuting to work, no more wasting the rest of your life. Imagine making a salary equivalent to a doctor or lawyer, without the stuffy office and the daily 9 – 5 grind.”

First thing I would ask is if I could get back pay for the “work” I have already done.

— — —

Also I apologize for the server outage this morning, construction workers or someone had to shut off power to our servers for some reason.

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