I have been doing quite

I have been doing quite well on my quest to eat better. I have eaten meat, but I have greatly reduced the amount of meat I eat (especially low quality meat like that found at fast food restaurants) and have eliminated soda altogether. I feel good and even find my body rejecting things that are bad for me by having no appetite for those things. I am not sure how good this will be, but I have been wondering when things like the BK Veggie would become more mainsteam. Then I figure California has probably had stuff like this for years and it’s just the meat-loving Midwest that is slow. [Blue Robot]

— — —

I have been planning on constructing something I have been calling the Family tree of world religions but I keep getting pulled away to do other things and my definition of religions keeps getting stretched here and there. Jason’s post about this biblical family tree got me thinking about it more and maybe I will even complete it soon.

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The Internet seems to be letting me down in my quest to see the trailer for the next Lord of the Rings movie online. I saw it in the theater and in true trailer-style, it was at the end of the movie. It wasn’t quite as good as a well-edited cinematic trailer ought to be, but it still looked damn good.

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