Fill ‘er Up

Sometimes I am amazed by how machine-like humans and other animals are (or for that matter, plants). We take fuels into some orifices, discard wastes from others. There are electrical currents that flow through us, pumps that send fluids and gasses to even the most remote parts of us, and we have joints that rotate and hinge certain ways to allow us to do all the things we do. For the most part our actions are very machinelike as well. Wake. Routine. Consume Fuel. Commute. Work. Consume Fuel. (somewhere in there we discard waste) Work. Commute. Consume Fuel. Routine. Re-energize. Repeat. It is very strange how “life” can be seen as so very lifeless. People going through the motions – consuming, sleeping, working, repeating.

But then there are those brief moments – in between all this consuming and sleeping and working and routine that we all fall into from time to time – there are these wonderful moments when we think. Yes we think, some far too infrequently, but even then, some thoughts will be had. Then we create, and love, and laugh – we laugh and sing and dance and and dream and it is in these times when we are human – when we separate ourselves from our mechanics and our plumbing and that electrical current that runs through us and connect with something else; a different side to us.

This message brought to you by the thoughts that I get while sitting in a local restaurant watching people shovel food into their mouths and generally de-humanizing them, as I don’t know the first thing about their dreams and thoughts and loves.

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