Top 10 Guilty Pleasures of the Moment…

…and why I shouldn’t feel too guilty about them.

  1. Timberwolves (NBA team) – Need for something to cheer about in the cold Minnesota winters
  2. Computer Gaming – They’re just fun and each time is different
  3. PlayStation 2 – Gives me something to do with my little brother
  4. Family Guy – Sure it’s low brow, does that make my laughing less hysterical?
  5. Oasis (band) – Anything that sounds that much like the Beatles can’t be all bad
  6. Boston Public (TV show) – My earnest desire to be a teacher is endearing
  7. Emo bands (Modest Mouse, Fugazi,The Promise Ring, Weezer, and the Get Up Kids) – I know I’m not young enough or angsty enough, but I still like ’em
  8. Referrers – Link Whore? I prefer “Link Libertine”
  9. Undeclared (TV show) – Loudon Wainwright
  10. Flash – I know it usually reduces usability but look at that stuff swoosh around like that!
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