SXSW in Review

It’s quarter to 3 in the morning and I have just returned from “breakfast” with some very interesting people. Prior to breakfast, I was able to attend a party with some more interesting people at a very nice house and as a result, I am pretty “happy”*.

Up until today (wait…yesterday) I hadn’t been feeling too good about the conference, but today – hearing Josh Davis and talking with many good people, I was really energized and feel I am ready to return to Minneapolis with a new sense of purpose. I plan on really throwing myself into my job and giving myself to the tasks at hand. In addition, I hope to work harder on personal projects and get some things I have been planning for months, out the door. But my enthusiasm isn’t confined to the web.

In a post a couple days ago, I was lamenting the problems I have been having in maintaining and starting friendships. Then I get an email from Brent reminding me of this post at (your site for inspiration) stating: “The only way to make a good friend is to be a good friend.”

This is really true and I realized that I need to be a better friend to people. So don’t act weird if I call you up out of the blue, or invite you out.

* Happy in the traditional sense yes, but also in the sense that I have imbibed 7 beers/wine/drinks and also a capful or two of Vicks NyQuill – oh yeah.

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