Austin Stories

I like Austin – it has some dirt under its nails. It isn’t uptight about how it is perceived, it just is. Its people maybe aren’t as nice as in Minneapolis but they aren’t mean either.

Having just returned from Fray Cafe 2 (photos coming tomorrow) I am pretty tired (it’s 2 am) and so will not write long here. I will say that if I ever go to Fray Cafe again (like for next year’s SXSW) I have promised myself I will share a story.

— — —

Some random observations, comments, absurdities:

What would be the reaction one would have to overdosing on children’s chewable vitamins? I ask this for no reason – there is no proof of a problem lest you count the half empty bottle of Flintstones vitamins here in my hotel.

Do you think people – once they leave college and maybe work in their first job – do you suppose that they determine that they have made all the friends they are going to make and sort of put a cap at that number? Maybe the reasoning being that additional friendships will be more work then they are good and it would then be too hard to maintain all of those friendships? I guess I always felt that I would continue to make friends throughout my life but somehow it seems much harder than it used to be to start friendships. Damn its even hard for me to hold conversations it seems. It wasn’t always this way. At least I am pretty sure it wasn’t.

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