New site, new bugs

I have decided to launch the site (yesterday actually) without it being completely completed (is any website ever completed?) I know there are several unresolved issues but I was just so sick of the old design. Incidentally the old design as well as some new ones will be available in the coming months if you really prefer them.

I like the simplicity of the new design and the fact that it should be much lighter – there are no images used in the site and only one table (can you find it before I figure out a way to replace it too?). Let me know your thoughts, I will try to update and respond to you while I am here in Austin for SXSW.

Here is a list of some of the know issues and some things I still need to do:

  1. Clean up some JavaScript errors throughout the site
  2. I think I have uncovered a non-documented minimum box size for CSS in IE
  3. Permalink positioning bug in Opera – actually I think Opera is getting it right and Netscape/IE are wrong
  4. I have to clean up a lot of code, style sheets, etc.
  5. I have to add back in a lot of “content” and some new stuff as well
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