Off to SXSW

I don’t really know what to expect of SXSW. I have gone to other web conferences before but they were huge and the focus was much more on design principles and specific technologies. They were faceless, monolithic productions. I get the sense that SXSW is much more focused on the web design and development communities. I am excited, but also fearful of this idea. I am really looking forward to meeting many of the people whose site’s I have been reading, enjoying, learning from, and copying for, in some cases, years. I am talking about sites like: whole lotta nothing, bluishorange, jish, cam world, praystation, zeldman, 37signals, anil dash, little yellow different, bradlands, harrumph, dollar short, six different ways, movable type, ben brown,, jjg, and so many more

There will be some folks there whom I know including: Jason who I consider a friend as well as ex-coworker and I have at least met Meg, Derek (at Web 2000 or was it Builder?), Peter (Web 2000 also), and Jeff (Web 2000).

Then I get to wondering how many of these people have been to my site? How many of them have never heard of it? Worse, how many have come and clicked away out of boredom. These feelings of “fitting in” bring me back to my junior high days. Those were not good. Were they for anybody? The awkwardness associated with those days was overwhelming at times. These anxieties aren’t enough to dull my excitement however. Not even the fact that I may not be able to speak (as I have by this time nearly lost all ability to speak due to some mysterious throat issues) and thus miss out on a bunch of great opportunities for interesting conversation, has me down.

So if you are reading this and you happen to be attending SXSW and a person comes up to you, tries to audiblize a greeting but only a few hoarse croaks come out, rest assured that it is just me expressing my compliments on you and your beautiful site.

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