Better living through car crashes

There is a certain bond that is developed by the people who share experiences. Traumatic experiences often develop the strongest bonds. People who have lost loved ones, been to war, or won the World Series with one another have these types of bonds. In a very weird way the people who are involved in a major car accident form a bond too. Sure the bond is less strong and lasts for a shorter period of time but when you are standing out there in the middle of a major interstate in the aftermath of a 10 car pile-up, there is a certain connection that is made. Mostly it is a non-spoken type of understanding – a look, maybe it is just a jolt to see that there are actually people in all those other cars that I compete with each morning, jockeying for better position, better parking spots, and that ever precious commodity, time. Whatever it was, it wasn’t really all that bad. As long as no one was hurt all that happened was some insurance companies exchange some money and raise some rates, and some repair shops get a little more work. A little inconvenience, some wasted time and we are all, each of us, on our way again. I like to think that maybe we are even a little better for the experience – a little wiser, and little more introspective, and maybe even more in love with those we love and more determined to live our life.

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