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I am way late on posting about these stories, but I don’t have much else to say right now and I have been meaning to post about them anyway, so here goes:

I miss the outrage that we (Americans) once showed to our government. Now we just wave a flag and let big business buy the laws that suit them. In this case however the government is at fault for coming up with their latest idiotic idea: the
Office of Strategic Influence has been established to, among other things, spread fake news to international citizens and media outlets. Now I wasn’t at the meeting when this was conceived but I can just imagine how it went: “Oh I know, this is what we should do,” says Bush crony number 1. “We know that much of the world doesn’t trust the United States and believes that we are <strikethrough)draconian mean (Bush cronies aren’t allowed to use words of more than two syllables around him) in our actions abroad, so I think we should begin lying to them and even go so far as to start a new office to tell that that we are going to lie to them.” Then crony number 2 says “Yes that is a great idea, but why stop at our borders, the American people will believe anything we tell them too, we just need to say it in front of a waving flag. This could come in handy when we tell them we are innocent of anything relating to Enron.”

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Newsweek calls replacement pets the “Killer app” for cloning and suggest that it will drive the controversial science from university research labs to companies such as these: Genetic Savings & Clone (great name btw), Lazaron BioTechnologies, and PerPETuate, Inc. (those last two should start by cloning a good website for themselves) This, replacement of pets is such a bad idea on so many levels (none of which happen to be moral for me anyway). Of course you didn’t think it would stop with mourning pet owners did you. Nope, the people at Transgenic Pets think (and they are probably right) that pet owners would like to “tinker” with the DNA of their future pet to minimize allergic reactions or shedding. They are already marketing allergen-free cats for sale (in about 2 years) for $750-1000 apiece.

Here’s a story at Salon for more info.

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