First some Super Bowl comments: The game was good. The underdog won – I love that and there were a couple decent commercials (and no Pepsi and Britney weren’t in any of them)

— — —

My wife and I are moving forward on plans to build our first “real” house. Living in a townhouse the last 4 years has become a drag – with the militant association and all making sure our Christmas lights are down 10 days after the holiday and that we only have 1 wreath up at a time. We decided to build because we could really get what we want without a lot of waste. The homes they build nowadays are all so big. Some call them “starter castles” but I like McMansions myself. We found a great lot in the area we were interested in and are making an offer today. Wish me luck! (consequently this process is one of the primary reasons I have been so behind in posting to the site these past couple months. To compensate I plan on posting the status of this endeavor frequently – consider that a threat)

— — —

I am equally excited about volunteering with the Big Brother Big Sister program. I go to meet my “little” tonight. This is something I have always wanted to do but have kept putting off. I love to teach and be there when people experience new things so this volunteering gig pays me something – maybe even something more than the kid gets out of it – although I hope he gets a lot as well.

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