Seasons feelings

I have been feeling sort of – I don’t know – melancholy lately; sort of down, but not too far down. I just got into the “spirit of Christmas” (whatever that means) on Christmas day and now find myself with feeling of remorse that it is over. I still haven’t even exchanged gifts with my wife yet! Maybe I am trying to prolong the season a bit – postpone the coming months that are a fog of ice and snow and sub-zero temperatures running together with alternating grey and black skies. Winter in Minnesota seems to always bring about feelings of despair in me, and ideas of moving – usually out west. If I wasn’t in the “web industry” I might even make the move but for the fear of getting to San Francisco only to find very little in the way of job prospects. Maybe I’ll just put my hat and gloves on and feel content with what I have for a while – at least until spring.

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