Here are my 1-sentence reviews

Here are my 1-sentence reviewsTM of a couple recent (and not so) movies I have seen:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: I read half the book and enjoyed the part of the movie I had read because I knew the story to a greater depth than the movie was willing to go into.

Shallow Hal: This movie was much better than I expected, so I can still love Jack Black and the Farrelly brothers.

13 Ghosts: I was wishing I was dead about 10 minutes into this movie.

Bandits: I was pleasantly surprised that I could still like these two (Willis and Thorton).

Zoolander: It was worth the $7 if only for the “Orange Mocha Frappuccino Latte” scene.

Star Wars Episode 2 – Send in the Clones (or whatever): I know it is only a preview but Lucas really believes he could sit in front of a camera and jerk off for 2 hours and make $300 million. A preview should be more than a bunch of scenes spliced together. And what’s with that N-Sync reject playing Anakin? (I know that was not a sentence but I am riled up.)

The Fellowship of the Rings: I know this movie is still 3 weeks away, but did I mention it is going to be soooo good?

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