After what seemed like years of waiting for The Tick to hit primetime TV, I am now officially disappointed in the first 2 episodes. They simply are not playing as well in live action as they did in animated format. Despite my loving PATRICK WARBURTON Patrick Warburton in the title role I just do not find it very funny yet. I am still going to give it some more chances to get the kinks ironed out, I just hope Fox does too. I remember many shows that were never appreciated until they were gone (New Radio, My So Called Life, Cop Rock 😛 )

— — —

After watching and enjoying the original Iron Chef shows I could tell people were going to be sorely disappointed. The elements from the original that make it great are the ridiculous voice-overs and the stoic chefs doing crazy things. The Japanese are just plain weird, they don’t have the hang-ups that their American counterparts do. I was hopeful with Bill Shatner being cast but I just knew they couldn’t pull it off. Too bad.

— — —

I just beat the buzzer for registration for SXSW yesterday. Sure you can still sign up but now it will cost you a bit more. I will be attending the Interactive and much of the Film festivals and will be in Austin from Thursday March 7th to Wednesday the 13th. Please let me know if you plan on being down there, I would love to meet you.

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