…america for which it stands….

…america for which it stands…. What does America stand for to you ? (note: requires participation, please post your thoughts)

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I think CamWorld is my single source of inspiration these days. If I wasn’t so lazy, Alt Text would uncover the same quantity and quality links and info that Cameron does. Whenever I get down on the web these days, salvation is just a single click away.

But it isn’t just praise Cam day, I actually wanted to post about some links that he has posted lately:

    I have been interested in creating some form of family tree of the world religions, mainly for my own benefit and information, but also to share with you all. This site, adherents.com will go a long way towards helping me do that. What a great resource about the religions of the world.

    Cam also made the mistake I did by watching the local news coverage of the latest anthrax cases. I didn’t even watch but saw a preview for the news and the anchor man said something to the affect of : “Who’s got anthrax now? You’ll never guess.” My wife and I just looked at each other and laughed because they are presenting it almost in a Where’s Waldo type way. I think the news media in general has to start being more responsible in how they are presenting these cases and to put them into perspective instead of trying to create more viewership/readership through promoting fear and uncertainty. Please send the “man are you guys stupid” mail to WCCO News or your own local stupid news outlets.

    I also must admit some desire on my part to get off the anti-Amazon kick. It is just so hard, but like so many things today, people find it hard to keep up with a cause over long periods of time. Too much energy is needed and not enough people care – complacency wins out because it is easy. I still have not forgiven Amazon for its dirty legal practices but I may almost be ready to forget it for a while. I would hate to see them go under but I really wish they hadn’t gone and tried to patent commonplace internet ideas and practices (affiliate programs, one-click purchases – i.e. cookies, and recommendation services) because I am just stubborn enough to continue depriving myself of one of the better online commerce experiences.

    A possible new tagline for Apple’s new iPod? Here is some more info.

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