The Middle East in a nutshell

10 Things to Know About the Middle East [source: dooce] See also: 10 Things to Know about U.S. Policy in the Middle East, U.S. Policy Toward Political Islam, and The Falwell/Robertson/Bin Laden Quiz.

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Needing something to love lately I look no further than the palm of my hand to see my Kyocera Smartphone with a built in Palm organizer. Sure it is a little on the big side (but certainly much smaller than carrying a Palm Pilot and a phone) but it is packed with powerful, cool features, has a great interface and is very usable.

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My vegetarianism is going well (thanks for asking) I am now going on a month and a half with little or no meat (so I ate some fish and seafood) and it is going well. I don’t miss anything yet. I think that the vegetarian selections at most restaurants are actually much better than most of the meat-filled ones.

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