Surfin’ USA

This post now seems far too shallow but it was written before the terrorist acts of earlier this week and I do really like the sites I have listed below. Many of the weblogs and sites featured below have their own personal expressions of their views and so it isn’t entirely inappropriate.

blogdex – again I am behind the time somewhat. The MIT Media Lab has been doing some crazy stuff with web logs. (you see I hate the term blog, it makes my teeth hurt) Anyway, in their words blogdex “focuses on the referential information provided by weblogs, or the links that people place on their sites. By amalgamating these pointers, we can get an instantaneous look at internet fashion from democratic means.” It’s “moving democratic media to the masses” and Alt Text is just one little democrat doing its part.

— — —

I have been surfing:

Little. Yellow. Different. – not a link to the Nuprin site
Dancing Bush – not as exciting as it sounds
Suds and Soda – can’t read it but I like how it looks
Struck By Lighting – don’t wait till it happens to you
Movable Type – especially interesting considering this project I am involved with.
Dollar Short – helps make Movable Type
A Whole Lotta Nothing – sure looks like a lot of something
Jish – apparently my weblogger twin
Swallowing Tacks – too tired to come up with witty comment

Sometimes I wish I was popular. Then sometimes I wish I had more to say. I think if I had more to say and was more popular I wouldn’t have any time to tell all you fine people any of it. That said – link to me or just go to bed. That’s what I am doing.

— — —

Alt Text on the go.

There is a new mobile/text version of the site is available here. It is stripped down from what I had as a text version before and it works on my phone (which is my sole testing environment right now).

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