We will come out of this thing with our flag held high.

Feel like slinging around racial slurs? Wondering exactly what people mean when they say Arab? Generally ignorant about many of the world’s cultures? Try this guide to Arab Americans to learn more and not be ignorant about your fellow citizens or most of the other innocent Arab peoples of the world. [from kottke.org]

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I am usually fiercely anti-nationalistic but in times like this I think that the people of the U.S. need something to rally around. I feel that the following tribute to our generosity and goodwill is warranted.

A Canadian radio broadcast [real audio] is being circulated in email circles yesterday and today in which Gordon Sinclair (a Canadian) delivered one of the greatest tributes to the U.S. that it has received in its 200+ year history. Though most of the emails being sent around seem to imply that this was a current broadcast, in actuality it was given at the end of the Vietnam War in 1973. Gordon Sinclair later died in 1984. I thank him for this little shot in the arm to our spirits (mine at least). Read more about this broadcast.

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I disagree with sentiments that things ought not resume as normal. Case in point, the NFL is considering canceling this weekend’s games. The NFL Player’s Association is calling for the games to be cancelled or postponed. I think the games should go on, not because I am a big football fan but because I believe it would be bad for the nation if we continue to “give in” to the fears the terrorists are trying to instill. The more we cower the greater their victory is. The more we play right into their hands. We should stand up and say we are not afraid. We cannot (nor could ever) forget what has happened but we must heal and get beyond this anger and need for revenge. “An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.” – Mohandas Ghandi

After reading this last paragraph again, I am feeling really guilty. I have felt like “moving on” in most capacities since early yesterday – far too early after such a tragedy. I think it is my way of coping – think about something else – everything is fine. If I think about this too much I fear I may break down.

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What are you doing!?! – You want to spread fear and terror, too? You want to be just like those responsible for this tragedy?! What is wrong with you!? Spreading hatred against Muslims of the world isn’t going to benefit anyone. Help make the world a safer place not one filled with more anger, violence, and terror!

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