Nothing I can say… well there is something.

I quick walk around the neighborhood last night, confirms that we may have a reenactment of scenes such as these. People are lining up for blocks at all the local gas stations near my home in Minneapolis due to rumors of $5/gallon prices in the coming days.

Luckily the lines at local blood banks are equally as long. Don’t lose all your faith in humanity just yet.

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I wouldn’t want to be living in Afghanistan during the coming weeks. Bush’s words made it clear that they would not be spared the U.S.’s wrath if they harbored any terrorists who were responsible for these actions.

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I am profoundly saddened today. What else can I say.

Here is a link to Kottke and a great home video of the crash. As Jason suggests please go to the nearest hospital and donate blood if you can.

Cam World also has some good coverage of this event that is being likened to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Another link to CNN’s coverage and other links available at the Drudge Report

Plus: Were we warned? Can we even consider the ramblings of fanatics as warnings?

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Recorded earlier:

Scott’s got me worried, and that started me thinking, could I be one of those bastards he is writing of? He has been ignoring me a little of late. So I decided to write a list of my major faults and post them here for my own humility. It’s only a list major faults because I think they are more “juicy” and interesting than the fact that I blow my nose too hard, or that I have a weird way of trying to “conserve” bits by reusing rather than deleting letters after I mistype. So here goes (and this is by no means comprehensive):

  • I am stubborn.
  • I think I know something about everything, even though in reality I might just have second-hand knowledge of a subject, or have heard mention of a subject on NPR on the way into work and then get to mention said topic or issue in as many conversations as I can while attempting to seem smart or worldly.
  • I sometimes feel like brooding, even though I rarely do.
  • I am highly competitive and, related to this, I tend to make an ass out of myself when losing at any sport or competitive activity.
  • I am far too materialistic. Why do I think I need things that I merely want? (I blame Microsoft)
  • I am easy to get riled up. I get excited easily and anger without much provocation.
  • I judge people almost instantly on only the most basic level of interaction between me and them.
  • I swear too much.
  • I think while I am speaking. Said otherwise, I often end up regretting the things I say because I tend to say things as they pop into my mind.
  • I watch too much TV and then feel like I am worse for doing so. Like I am not one of those cool anti-TV people that read more and go outside. Damn those people! (see there I go with the swearing)
  • I have little patience.
  • I care way too much about my favorite sports teams winning.
  • Maybe related – I don’t do well when trying to deny myself something. (i.e. diets, budgets, etc.)

I could go on and on but I am starting to feel kind of down for some reason. Maybe I’ll just go and brood about these faults. It’s actually a wonder Scott ever liked me to begin with!

— — —

Ok so I slipped a little. It is hard to go camping and not eat meat. Everything that seems to cook well over a fire or on a stick seems to be related to the flesh of one animal or another. Couple this with a few of the faults listed above and you see why this is so damned hard! I am working on it.

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