Blocking ads seems to be

Blocking ads seems to be all the rage these days. I don’t think people have less patience, I think advertisers have been looking for (and found) more persistent types of web advertising mechanisms. So, as the popup ad (which I thought to be dying a slow death) makes its exceedingly annoying comeback, consumers keep coming up with ways to thwart them.

Here are two sites that can help you deflate the popups:

Web Ad Blocking Under Linux/Unix, BeOS, MacOS and Windows [source: Brett Daniel] also has solutions to stop popups. [source: Newsweek]

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Here is another nice CSS(2) resource that shows many browsers and which declarations work for which. [source: Brett Daniel]

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I wish TIVO didn’t need a phone line. I really do not want a phone line. I really want to cancel my local phone service and just use wireless phones but that cute little box called TIVO is standing in my way. TIVO just would be the same without all the program info that it downloads weekly (or is it nightly). I have looked into satellite service but it still looks like they recommend a phone line. Damn.

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