It’s hard to feel manly

It’s hard to feel manly in today’s society. In an age of mocha chino lattes and Palm Pilots, there are few true bastions of machismo left in America. Sure there’s football and wrestling but now even these have been neutered – Dennis Miller and all those female wrestlers, I mean come on. There is NASCAR but that is just a little *too* macho, if you know what I mean. So are there any hope for those who wish to emulate the cowboys and construction workers of yesteryear? Yes there is, and it isn’t by joining a revival of the Village People. Nope, its home improvement – more specifically – tools.

Because of my recent home projects (see yesterday’s post) I have now been added to the ranks of all the manly men who own and use a workbench, circular saw, clamps, and even a t-square. Yes siree, Jena’s not gonna recognize the burly, lumberjack-esque (please someone tell me how to spell esque – that word that means “to be like” something, and usually thrown on the end of a word where it has no place being much like in this sentence.) man she married just 3 years ago. Argh argh argh.

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