Part of the “world view”

Part of the “world view” that I once had, always focused on the idea that the because the world is so full of injustices, there can be no deity looking in on us that would allow this to happen. Starving children, chemical weapon use, another year of Everybody Loves Raymond; I just could see these types of things as fair and so, concluded that there was no god. Although I am no closer to a definition of what any underlying force or spirit may look or be like like (or even that such a thing exists) I now know that my previous reasons for disbelief were marred by a lack of understanding of our place in the world.

Humans we’re not put here to suffer by some unjust god, nor are we, each fundamentally flawed in some way that we cannot correct, and thus forced to live in subjection and suffering. The only problem with us is that we have all* chosen to live in a way that is inconsistent with happiness and true prosperity.

Sure some of us have nice cars, homes, jets, or even our own software monopolies. Some of us even manage to be happy, usually by doing something they love with people they love. Unfortunately most people in the world are struggling, some are starving, and many are even dying. Why? Are those who don’t have enough to eat lazy? Are those who are struggling to make it, just fundamentally not as good as those who have money, cars, homes, and software monopolies? Would it surprise you if I said no? It would surprise many. Our culture “speaks” to us from the day we are born. What does it say? It tells us that “we are to do better than our parents” and “it’s the survival of the fittest” or “anyone can be the next Bill Gates if they work hard at it” and “get a job you lazy bum.” And what do I say? Its all been lies. It isn’t lazy to not want to work even 30 hours a week. It’s not un-American to scoff at capitalism and state that there is a better way to live. It isn’t right that we keep all the world’s food under lock and key and state to those wanting some that they must “work an honest days work” to be fed. To grow and grow is not the goal of our civilization.

I am just getting started here. Stay tuned.

*I will define my use of ALL in this case in future posts.

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