Knock, Knock.

My trip to the Radiohead concert in Chicago last week was memorable for more that just the great concert. It just so happened that I found myself in the company of a dozen or so Jehovah’s Witnesses for the most of the trip. Those of you who know me (and perhaps most of you who don’t) are probably asking yourself how I would have gotten myself into such a position? Or perhaps that I might be in need of emergency deprogramming right about now. Well assuage your fears as I actually had quite a good time. Pointing out that I was the only non-Witness, one of my traveling companies asked if it wasn’t most people’s nightmare’s to be stuck in a van for 6 hours with nothing but Jehovah’s Witnesses. A couple years back I might have said yes to that, but now, thanks to the coolness of the group, I have been able to see “the inside” so to speak, that few get to see. And although I *would* consider converting just to hang out with the group some more, I think that it may be unlikely that we could reconcile our beliefs enough for that to become a reality. Moral of my story? Don’t hide behind the couch when you get that knock on the door. Even if you don’t buy everything (or anything) that the person is saying, it will at least be a chance to meet a very nice person and have a good discussion.


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