It is simply awesome

I want to be just like

It is simply awesome to go to a concert where you know every song in the band’s set. It is even better when that band is Radiohead. Wednesday’s Radiohead concert was the best large venue concert I have ever attended. Not only was the band in great spirits, but the live video editing and set were incredible. Even the people in the crowd were into it. All 30,000 of them.

Some of the highlights for me were:

  • No Surprises – the crowd really started to get into it; singing
    along and such
  • Before Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box when Thom made fun
    of George Bush.
  • The entire crowd signing “it wears me out” and the rest of the amazing rendition of Fake Plastic Trees
  • Thom jumping around during Idioteque and his energy spilling out over the crowd and filling them with it.
  • I guess it was the 4th time ever that they played True Love Waits live – and he did it acoustically.
  • During You & Whose Army? and some other songs Thom made some great faces into the camera mounted on his piano – at one point in the song pointing back over his shoulder and motioning to the audience as his army – it was so cool.
  • Street Spirit was such a sweet song to end on.

Radiohead has so many good songs that some are bound to be left out. Some of the missing songs I really would have liked to hear were: Let Down, High and Dry, Exit Music For a Film, Just, and Killer Cars. And of course they didn’t play Creep in spite of all of our praying for rain and technical difficulties.

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