One ape to rule them all.

I just saw the Planet of the Apes and the only thing I can think of to say is, huh? I consider myself of above average intelligence and a true lover of cinema but I just don’t get a lot of things about this movie. I didn’t get how Tim Burton can keep making such poor films. I don’t get how anyone could see this movie as an improvement upon the original (even though it isn’t supposed to be a remake). I don’t get what happened to Mark Wahlberg’s acting ability that he showed in Boogie Nights. And I especially do not get the ending of this movie, and like I said I think I am reasonably smart.

Just to be clear, I did not think that this version of Planet of the Apes was a good movie. It didn’t have the character development, strong storyline, or superb special effects needed to find itself in that category. I am not one of those critics that needs every film I see to be superbly written, or of epic scale, or be spoken in a foreign language to garner my praise, but I am someone who needs a little more “entertainment” for my movie dollar than what Apes was able to provide.

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