I have been posting this

I have been posting this week about racism. I have written primarily about society’s problems; the current situation. Do I plan to continue posting about race relations in the U.S. until I have documented all of the ills that have befallen the victims of racism? Hardly. Am I going to come to some conclusion that offers a solution to the problems presented here? Well, no. But what I would like to do is offer one simple treatment that we could all apply in our daily lives. What is it? Break down barriers between yourself and others. Do anything you can to lessen the distance between you and those around you; to lessen the disparity between who you are and who people see you as. Talk to those you see every day; listen. Try hugging a friend in greeting or patting the shoulder of someone who has just accomplished something. If small things can be done to break down the barriers that we each put up, then it becomes much less daunting when we start to tackle the tougher problems that have formed from centuries of ignorance and mistrust.

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