Um… I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come in tomorrow. Yeah.

Is it coincidence that ABCNews ran an article yesterday about the sometimes racially charged environment that we call America? Well, yes, but does its timeliness not underscore the fact that I have my pasty white fingers on the pulse of the nation? I think it may.

The article brings to light that some small gestures and comments can be construed as racist or at least insensitive to many. Here are some of the examples they gave: Long haired white women may unknowingly insult nearby black women as they can perceive the action as a slight on their own hair, or (as in the classic scene from Office Space) how reaching over and locking your car door when you see a black man at an upcoming intersection can be sending a clear message to him that he is to be feared.

The overarching question then, is are we too sensitive about race in this country? I think the answer to that depends upon the color of your skin. Whites may tend to say yes, however most lack the perspective to know what racial discrimination is even about. Blacks, Hispanics, and those of Asian decent experience discrimination and prejudices every day. The effects of all of those questions, fearful glances, and overt actions take their toll on a person and forever change them. Few white people (particularly white men) in America have experienced these types of feelings and so they may simply shrug off the cries of the minorities as them merely being angry or not letting go of the past; a past that, unfortunately for those being judged and put down, far too often mirrors their present.

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