Today has not been a

Today has not been a good day. Between our servers getting hacked, a worm virus getting dropped on us, and a SSL certificate expiring and thus taking down hosting services I am about at the end of my rope with technological advancement.

— — —

I finally got around to seeing A Thin Red Line and was surprised by how beautiful the film was. It was both visually stunning and introspective. If this film had not come out in the shadow of that other WWII movie I think people would have thought much more highly of it. Sure this film wasn’t as technically stunning or make you feel what it was really like to be in the heat of a battle – but it didn’t try to either; preferring rather to concentrate on the human condition as a compliment and foil to the natural world. As a “story” I felt that Red Line delivered more powerfully that Private Ryan even though it did so in a more disjointed way.

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