Before entering the theater this

Before entering the theater this evening to see the new Kubrick/Spielberg movie, A.I. a friend (who I would link to if their site was even quasi static rather than fully so) mentioned a review that stated that both Kubrick and Spielberg fans would be sorely disappointed with this film because it was like neither of the respective filmmakers other great works. I whole-heartedly disagree. The film had the pacing and eccentric characters of a Kubrick movie paired with the fanciful story and gushing ending characteristic of Spielberg’s works. Does this mean it was a great Kubrick/Spielberg movie then? Well, no. But it was ever so close.

I thought that the movie was very close to being what I thought it should be. Not what I thought it should have been when the movie started, but what I thought it should have been when it ended. Unfortunately, the movie went about 20 minutes too long, and right past the place I thought it should have ended; past the point it should have left the viewers with.

I will wait a couple weeks before I comment on this further to avoid spoiling anything for any of you.

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