Who are these people?

I know a lot of geeks and “tech enthusiasts” and they don’t sound anything like what is described in this recent report by the Standard. (who I usually find to be pretty in tune with things)

In their survey of 27 million “tech enthusiasts” The Standard found these facts to be true:

  • 78% sent e-mail in the past month
    In the past month?!?
  • 51% surf the Net for fun
    Are you really an enthusiast if you don’t?
  • 30% go online daily
    See above
  • 7% listen to Internet radio
    Or at least used to before that new damn law
  • 6% have a laserdisc player
    What’s that?

They say “tech enthusiasts” are big readers and TV watchers and I agree but what they say they are watching is another thing entirely. I can see them being right on some but where are the Simpsons, X-Files, and Law and Order!? Every geek I know watched at least 2 of these shows. As far as reading goes, where is the fiction and non-fiction. According to this study geeks only read magazines. (and not Wired)

Some of these astound me:

  • 19% are liberal, 35% conservative, 36% middle of the road
    This one really surprised me
  • They are less likely to smoke, but more likely to drink
    And how!
  • 70% bought a book in the past year; 53% read one
    Every techie I know has bought many, many books in the last year and read many as well
  • 4 million go to the movies at least once a month
    Out of 27 million?!?
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